"Largest parade of pickup trucks"
5. November 2016
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Only a few more days to go until the «largest parade of pickup trucks» is held on the Nürburgring. An enormous amount of over 1200 participants have registered on our website. We’d never thought that this would be possible and we hereby want to thank each one of you for your awesome support! We’re constantly working on the world record attempt and we are doing our best to ensure a great and unforgettable experience for everyone. This calls for a world record route that is long enough to accommodate all the vehicles, to ensure a safe attempt for everybody. The number of participants exploded during the last few weeks, which forced us to restart and plan the record attempt from the beginning. Since there are so many participants, it became necessary to book the legendary Nordschleife (tourist track) for our parade, since our priority is the safety of each participant and visitor. The generous space conditions on the Nordschleife allow us to keep the highest possible safety standards while all our participants have a one-of-a-kind experience that won’t be forgotten for a long time. But all this does result in additional charges that need to be financed.

To cover the expenses, we need your assistance in the form of an entry fee of 15 Euro per vehicle. This fee is important to cover the expenses of the new world record route. It is of course possible to round up and help us out with an extra tip, to ensure the funding of the “experience Nordschleife”. All earnings are solely used for the world record attempt. After having paid for all our costs, a possible excess would be donated to a charity. The parking fee for the After-Show-Party is an extra 5€, please note that this is a decision of the Nürburgring and not in our competence. Thanks for your comprehension!

The new parade route arose out of an unforeseen heavy increase of registrations, but will definitely be another highlight for our participants. We are absolutely convinced that everything we offer does surpass the little entry fee by far. If some of the participants do not share our opinion and don’t want to participate anymore, we’d be sorry. But in this case, we’d kindly ask for a short message to to delete the registration.

We are looking forward to see all our participants on the Ring and to experience a happening that is truly “record breaking”. Just a little reminder: The current record was set with 638 vehicles. Can we break the world record and possibly get more than a double of the current record? Keep in mind: Every RAM counts!

Again, we want to remind you that the entry process is an extremely important process that cannot be prolonged. The vehicle get-in is from 08:00 until 13:00, the world record attempt itself will start at 13:30. We hereby ask all participants to arrange enough time for the travel and to arrive as early as possible! All vehicles must undergo the same checks at the same entry before getting counted towards the record and granted access to the world record route. In the same time, we want to ask you to not arrive directly at the Müllenbachschleife before 08:00, but to follow the signposted path only after 08:00. In case of an earlier arrival, there are a lot of parking spaces in the region to spend a few minutes waiting before finally driving into the Müllenbachschleife after 08:00. Please keep an eye on the traffic, if a lot of RAMs are waiting for their entry, make sure to park your vehicle on the hard shoulder. It is important to avoid traffic jams on the public roads.

We need your help to process all vehicles as fast as possible and to avoid waiting times at the bottleneck: You’ll find the menu item “conditions of participation” with the corresponding form of the same name on our homepage under the following link: Please fill in the form at home, print it, sign it and take it with you on the Nürburgring, since this is the only way to keep the get-in process as fast as possible. Please write legibly and fill in every field. Every participant that doesn’t bring the form will slow down the process for everybody else and himself. It is not possible to participate without the filled in form!

Arriving on the RAM World Record is very simple: Please use the address «Otto-Flimm-Strasse, 53520 Nürburg» for any navigation systems. You will be welcomed with “RAM World Record” signs a few hundred meters from the Nürburgring and will be guided actively after this point. The signs are separated in participants and visitors, both located on different spots, so since you drive a RAM, please follow the “participants” signs.

We are convinced that our new world record route is in everyone’s interest. We are very excited and looking forward to set the new world record in the “Green Hell”. See you very soon on the Nürburgring!

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