"Largest parade of pickup trucks"
5. November 2016
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Dear RAM World Record Participants

It’s been a bit over a month since we rocked the Eifel region in Germany with our vehicles and achieved the Guinness World Records™ title “largest parade of pickup trucks” for the first time in Europe. The existing record featured 638 vehicles and has been set in Mexico. We have almost doubled that amount and counted 1152 RAM pickup trucks that participated! We cannot leave it unmentioned that our record has gotten quite some attention from the American continent and especially astonished the FCA group. We can only hope that our record will stay as long as possible with us in Europe. Our world record title is heavily contested: In July this year, Sherwood Ford in Canada has tried to break the record with Ford pickups. But out of desired 1000, only approx. 150 took part in that parade…

We have received several questions and have been asked why the record is called “largest parade of pickup trucks” and is not down to RAM trucks. The answer to that is easy: Guinness World Records™ does not accept (brand) specific records, but does measure and count records that are laid out general and not too specific. Therefore, we and all the record holders before us, do hold the exact same GWR-title, a brand-specific pickup record will not be recognized by GWR. Our record and the two before us had all their own specialty: - The record set in April 2015 by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in Arlington, TX (USA) only featured RAM trucks - The record set in June 2015 by Asociación de Autos Clásicos de Saltillo A.C in Saltillo, Mexi-co, only contained of pickup trucks with model year 1985 or older - Our own record again only had RAM trucks participating

These specialties are recognized and mentioned by Guinness World Records™ on their website, but there is no separate certificate for this. The reason we decided to set the record with RAM trucks only is the old record in Arlington, TX, which also only featured RAM trucks. We have asked our participants what they want and the feedback was very clear: We will not accept any other brand and want to set the new world record with RAM trucks only.

It would’ve never been possible to set this record without you, the participants. The record is ours and that is the work of every single participant and crew member. We say THANK YOU for being part of this! We particularly want to emphasize that the discipline and the dedication of every single participant has been absolutely amazing. We never had any trouble during the day, all orders of our crew members have been followed and the parade itself, on the Nordschleife, went without any noteworthy incidents. The adjudicator of Guinness World Records, Lena Kuhlmann, was fascinated of the behavior and verve of every participant. We’d like to pass the compliment to you!

We specially want to thank our crew members for their work. A team of almost 50 crew members in hivis jackets has been working in the background before, during and after the world record attempt and helped us to experience a day that we will never forget. Only a few degrees outside and even rain did not make the job easier for our crew members, but the huge number of RAMs and the happy participants were definitely motivating. A big THANK YOU to our volunteer crew members for their incredible work!

No sponsors – no world record! Only the generous help from our sponsors made it possible to make the event happen. We want to thank AutoGlobalTrade AG, Autec Automotive GmbH, Camping am Nürburgring, Lindner Hotels & Ferienpark Nürburgring and transmit-Deutschland for the great collaboration and their generous support.

A personal thank you goes out to Heinz and his crew at E-Unit. The noticeable E-Unit RAMs were in charge for the security on the track and guided the world record parade on the Nordschleife. Without their support, the world record wouldn’t be done this easy and straightforward. Thanks to Heinz and his team!

We also want to write down a few words regarding the catering. The Nürburgring has contracts with caterers that have the exclusive right to sell food and drinks on all areas of the Nürburgring, but were not allowed to because of the said reasons. We have told the Nürburgring that we count with at least 2500 – 3000 guests (and 1300 vehicles) and that the caterer should be prepared respectively. We then found out that only one single food stand had opened - and it even opened too late – and did our best to change the situation. But we couldn’t do anything during the little time we had. The two persons working in the food stand apparently didn’t like the situation, too… The campground has opened their food stands at 10:00, as planned, but this couldn’t defuse the situation on the Müllenbachschleife. The responsible caterer has been contacted by the Nürburgring after our event. We can only hope that future Events on the Nürburgring don’t have to experience the same bad catering as we did. We are sorry for the situation and kindly ask you for comprehension, we just were not allowed to do anything about the catering.

Finally, a few words on our own behalf: During the last 1.5 years, the almost only thing we have been working on was the world record attempt. Thousands of hours have been spent to plan the whole event, we gave our best and we had some sleepless nights. It only took a few hours and everything was over. Until the last minute, we have been nervous if we are going to make it, because the raw number of vehicles doesn’t count, it is only down to the vehicle parade. But our work has paid out and we are very proud, that we two “little” and unknown RAM drivers have gotten so much feedback and support from you all. This will prove once and forever that we RAM truck owners are one of a kind and we do drive our vehicles proudly and with pleasure. The preparation work was hard, but it was definitely worth it!

We are convinced that we all have experienced an unforgettable day on the Nürburgring and have achieved a world record that is very special, particularly considering it took part in Europe and even on the legendary Nordschleife.

Now we wish you nice and relaxing holidays and we hope to see you at a car meeting anywhere in Europe. Keep the trucks rumbling!

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